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The Elephant British Pub Bottle Beers & Ciders
Bottled Beer l Ale l Coopers Dark Ale 4.5% (SA) l Big Shed Californicator IPA 7.5% (SA) l Lord Nelson Pale Ale 4.9% (NSW) l Mismatch Archie’s Red Ale 5% (SA) l Pirate Life Golden Era Golden Ale 4.7% (SA) l Prancing Pony Amber Ale 5% (SA) l Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 4.4% (NSW) l Young Henrys Newtowner 4.8% (NSW) l Stout l Coopers Extra Stout 750ml 6.3% (SA)  l Bottled Cider Apple l Hills Apple Cider 5% (SA) l Strongbow Original 5.0% (AUS) l Young Henrys Cloudy Cider 4.6% (NSW) l Pear l Hills Pear Cider 5% (SA) l Lager l Budweiser 4.9% (USA) l Cascade Premium Light 2.6% (TAS) l Corona 4.5% (MEX) l Crown Lager 4.9% (VIC) l Great Northern Super Crisp 3.5% (QLD) l James Boag’s Premium Lager 5.0% (TAS) l Sapporo 5.0% (JPN) l Blends and Flavoured Big Shed Cherry Popper 8.5% (SA) l Rekorderlig Strawberry – Lime 4% (SWE) l Rekorderlig Passionfruit 4% (SWE) l Rekorderlig Wild Berries 4% (SWE)